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Welcome to the online home of KO-Pro Farms. Here at the Chef's Haven we hope to keep you up to date as to what is happening in the dirt around here as well as techniques used, and recipes. Since we just started this site, there will be a lot of updates, so check back often! Click on a photo for a Bigger view.


8/28 Our time is spent filling orders for our customers right now. We added a new restaurant this week - Lolita, in Tremont. Welcome! Below is a photo of a fine Tomato Salad that was on the lunch special at Fatheads. A work of art created by Chef Derek! There are TEN different varieties on the plate!
  Heirloom Tomato Salad at Fatheads  
8/21 I finally got a chance to take a shot of the ribbons from the fair. I also started weedwacking/prepping for the newest bed on the west end of the fenced in garden. I have plans to relocate the fence next year. This may take a bit of work because the ground drops about 12 inches over eight feet from the other bed. I'll end up building up the area with wood chips eventually. The bed will be four foot wide and three feet from the cherry tomato bed.
2011 Cuyahoga Fair Ribbons New bed Prep
8/14 Well the Fair is over. We ribboned in 14 out of 16 categories entered. Unfortunately no Blue first place this year. There were two judging's. Apparently my San Marzano Tomatoes are not considered as a canning tomato but took a second in paste and then a third, and one SuperSweet 100 Cherry was missing when the first judging took place, but took a second later. Funny thing is that one of the Snow White's were missing as well, but still took a Second Place in both judging's. When I went to pick up today, only three SS100 were left on the plate. Someone must of liked them!  The Silver Rose Garlic took a second and then third; Jalapeños took second in both; White Casper Eggplant got third. We also received a lot of Honorable Mention (forth place) ribbons.
  Did you guess the color is suppose to be BLUE Although they still turn red  
8/7 It is Fair Week here in Cuyahoga County! I dropped off my entries for the first judging today, more will be dropped off Wednesday for the second judging. Many of the larger tomato varieties are not ready yet. I'll have to plan things out better for next year! Aside from the never ending task of tying up the 'maters, harvest is in full swing! Hopefully the beets will be ready to plant soon for a good fall crop.
  Tomatoes growing above the hoophouse Beets getting started  
7/31 I was into the start of a big harvest this time last year... the weather may have played a role in this harvest so far. The plants are heavy with fruit. The first Ancho harvest will be this week. The more you pick, the more they produce. As we try to do every Sunday, we add nutrients to the soil. Beet starts will be planted this week as well.
  Giant Marconi Pepper My little helper feeding gro juice to the plants White Casper Eggplant  
7/24 More of the same... we had plenty of rain this week, the drippers are off for now. Tying up 'maters. It looks like our first major harvest will happen soon.
  Guess what color do you think this 'mater is gonna be??? First M' Lifter ready for taste test!  
7/17 Tying up tomatoes are a regular event. I started a bunch of Chioggia and Touchtone Gold Beets. Both are from organic seed. The beets will replace the garlic. They are sooooo sweet when roasted!


  The first of many Lemon Boys Seven foot + Cherry Toms! Lemon Boy Cherry  
7/10 The Silver Rose Garlic is getting harvested! Looks like a good crop so far. We will be curing most for replanting in September, although some will be available .
Garlic leaving its home Ready to cure
7/7 Garlic is looking lazy. It is getting time to cure soon. The Anchos are looking good. (I know they are called Poblanos, but this cultivar was called Ancho) I plan on roasting the first few before I start supplying my customer. It is all about quality control.
Silver Rose Garlic at ChefsHaven .com Anchos at ChefsHaven.com
Silver Rose Garlic along the 'Maters Anchos gittin' ready
7/4 I was working on installing the drip lines in the new beds I made for this year. They should be done soon. I was also trimming the bottom foliage from the tomato plants. This will allow for better air flow under the canopy.

Tomatoes at ChefsHaven.com

Snow White Cherry Tomatoes at ChefsHaven.com

The last row that got the drip lines

Snow White Cherry Tomatoes with a bottom Mullet

7/1 Since this is the start of the web page I will be doing quick updates from this point on. Here you will see how the crop is coming along and what will be available in the coming weeks.
6/30 All info up to this point is from our journal
5/16 Massive Hailstorm!- we loose about 30% of tomato crop and 100% of Amaze Lettuce and Red Rover Radish. We had up to 1" + diameter hail.


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