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Everyday in the garden is a project. There is always something that needs to be done. On this page I hope to help show you the procedures that I employee to make things work for me. Hopefully you can adapt my techniques to satisfy your needs. I am a work in progress, so your comments are welcome! 


Nutrient Juice
When we use Nutrients (Nutz) in our garden, we use all natural/organic products only. Our mix consists of several different items. The mix varies depending on if the plant is in the vegetative or flowering state. The mix is made in 5 gallon containers and used the same day. This mix is hand feed because it will clog up the drip lines. We try to get every plant at least once a week. If time permits, I will drop a air stone into the mix and pump oxygen

The basic nutz soup for five gallons is:

8 TBsp Fish/Kelp Emulsion
3 TBsp Calcium/Magnesium
4 TBsp Foxfarm Big Bloom
1 TBsp Mycorrhizal Fungus
3 TBsp Bat Guano
2 TBsp Unsulphured Molasses


In the Vegetative state we use:

5 TBsp Foxfarm Grow Big

In the Flowering sate we use :



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